Welcome to EIM Engineered Industrial Part Manufacture Group.

EIM Engineered Group have 5 different factories to service  the European, American and other Oversea customers. We provide professional service with quality and low cost products such as the electrical products, wire & cable harness assembly and contract manufacturing, metal machining parts, casting parts, sheet metal stamping parts, custom molded plastic parts & rubber parts and custom injection molding, welding, and value added assembly service to our customer for more than 15 years. We understand the expectations and concerns of different international customers and promise to exceed it. Familiaring with the supply market in China and having a great list of qualified vendors,  we choose the suitable supplier and control the production quality to deliver qualified product as customer schedule. Welcome to cooperate with us.


Easy to start

Customized manufacture business as below for low volume/ high mix project .

1-Custom Injection molded Plastic Parts

2-Metal Stamping Solutions 

3-Precision CNC Machining Parts

4-Casting Parts

5-Sheet Metal Fabrication

6-Custom Electrical product

7-Electronic product

8-Cable & Wire Harness Assembly

R & D Design Support

We provide customers with a full range of specialty engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our world-class engineering department works closely with our customers to design, test and develop proprietary equipment, molds, tooling to fit specific needs and to customize existing products in our designated Engineering / R&D lab

Behind every forward-thinking, innovative company is a highly experienced engineering team, and EIM Engineered is no exception to this rule. We have assembled a staff of highly competent, well-trained and degreed engineers for both our R&D, Product Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering teams.

Our Product Engineering and Design team works on new products as well as on support for our existing product lines. Our engineers are available to our customers to answer questions, provide drawings and technical information, and they welcome the interaction with our customers to ensure every product we sell will work efficiently, effectively and to specification.

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